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Residential can light Install

A residential can light install in a basement

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Is your Breaker Panel A Fire Risk?

If you have either one of these panels in you'r house, it is very important that you read the rest of this blog.  The problem with Fedral Pacific Electrical Panels (FPE) and Zinsco is the fire hazards they are known to cause.  These panels if found to be installed in your home, should be inspected immediately.    The chances of your [...]

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Is your house in need of Electrical problem shooting

Your driving along in your car and that check engine light pops on and your thinking what could it be.  Most people are not mechanics or do they have mechanical abilities so what do they.  They take there car to a mechanic and have the problem figured out hopefully its just a bad oxygen sensor, [...]

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Electrical DIY could cost you more!

Now this post is for all of you weekend warriors who like to Do things your self.  Doing projects on your own can be a good way to save money, as well to cut cost, but some projects are better left to the professionals.  It may seem like a good way to cut cost and keep money [...]

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Times Are Changing

"Times are Changing", yes, Bob Dylan said it best times are changing so lets look at what has.  Every day, every month, and every year things are consistently changing nothing is ever the same actually the only thing that remains the same is change. It is one variable in our lives that will never change. [...]

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New York Giants Leap

Now we told ourselves we wouldn't watch the Superbowl due to the fact our beloved broncos would not be staring in it,  but if you couldn't resist you probably turned on the T.V. and found that the Big game on Sunday was the last big breath that was our NFL season.  Now NFL fans shouldn't be [...]

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Let It Snow, Let It Snow

With all this crazy Colorado weather, it got me thinking lets make this post about the snow.  Winter wonderland if that is what you wanna call it, is soon to be upon us if the weather forcast is correct but in, Colorado it never is lol.  As Coloradan's we see are fair share of very wacky [...]

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Preventing Fire Hazards At Home.

Today in our blog we are going to be discussing how to check your home for possible fire hazards, as well possible ways to fix these hazards.  Around this season homeowners will be heating their homes, as well plugging into engine heaters.  When doing this many home owners will be using extension cords, splitters and outlets [...]

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