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When is it Necessary to Upgrade a Home Electrical Panel?  

Do you suspect your home's electrical panel may be in need of replacement? As an electrician, I see numerous situations where homes are equipped with an overloaded or poorly manufactured panel, placing residents in a position [...]

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What can I do to prepare by home electrical system for winter?

You may be ready for winter, but is your home? It's time for the household handyman or handywoman to break out the toolbox and get the home's equipment in top shape. Here are three quick [...]

How to Safely Reset a GFCI Outlet 

GFCI outlets in your home are usually in the bathroom or kitchen. They have buttons labeled "test" and "reset" that are often black and red respectively and they were designed this way to prevent electrocution. [...]

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Pro Electricians Can Help Prevent Home Electrical System Fires

Electrical Safety Foundation International reports that electrical distribution systems are the third leading cause of home fires. Electrical system fires cause over $1.3 billion in damages in 51,000 homes. This shows that one of the [...]

Vet Your Electrical Contractor With These 5 Important Questions 

Finding and hiring the best electrical contractor for your home or business construction project involves more than just price considerations. You will need to make certain that your job will be completed in a professional, [...]